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This was the first handheld application in the ParlorPro® family. The need for a tool that eliminated wasted time reentering information in the computer and preparing graphs was the motivation behind the design of this application. Additionally, with more people teat scoring now than before, there was an opportunity to eliminate some of the subjectivity of teat scoring and to solidify results by applying a few rules to scoring. Now, ParlorPro users can be confident their results match other ParlorPro user results due to the adoption of industry standards within the programs framework. For this application, teat scores are collected on the handheld and then downloaded to the database. Once downloaded, the teat scores are automatically compiled into a report that is ready for presentation to the end user.

The high demand for a tool that minimizes the time spent calculating results for prep procedure analysis led to the programming of this application. The current capabilities allow the user to enter the observed milking procedure for one or multiple milkers while providing instant results. The handheld provides the user with avg, max, and min times for key events during milking such as: turn time, prep lag time, kill time, and unit on time. Once downloaded to the database, graphs are automatically created and the information is displayed so that current state and trends can be determined. Time is saved not only in reentering data but also with calculations and generating a final report. The application saves the user time and creates a report that is ready to be shared with the dairyman.

Pulsator Analysis
Pulsation is a key component in the milking system and the force which drives the interaction between your cows and the milking machine. So it's important to have the ability to recognize when your pulsation system is running correctly or when improvements need to be made. ParlorPro has created a spreadsheet that allows the user to easily identify where a pulsation system stands overall, and where each pulsator is performing within it. Pulsation recordings can be manually entered or uploaded from certain devices to the spreadsheet. Malfunctioning pulsators are then flagged which makes them easily identifiable and simplifies the process of diagnosing a pulsation system. The tedious work of looking over individual pulsator recordings one at a time and the uncertainty of which pulsators are good or bad is virtually eliminated.

This application allows the user to document the current state of the parlor by entering information onto the handheld when visiting a dairy. This information is useful in tracking changes in system settings, products, and performance. Like the other handheld applications, the audits are downloaded to the database and made available in a finished report.

This application runs along with iTeat. Users, if they choose to, are able to count audible squawks while in the parlor teat scoring. It is as simple as a one-button application can get. If you hear a squawk, press the button. A running count is stored on the handheld and downloaded to the database. After downloading, the information that was collected is compiled into an easy-to-understand report and ready for presentation to the dairyman.

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