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Welcome to ParlorPro®
by Lauren AgriSystems

ParlorPro by Lauren AgriSystems was designed for dairy professionals by dairy professionals. With the success of the National Teat Health Database, Lauren AgriSystems saw the need to have a resource available that not only manages information collected on dairies, but also provides benchmarking and analysis tools for professionals who are serious about improving the current state of dairy technology. The answer was, which features an easy to use interface for entering (or uploading) and managing information for a user representing one dairy or multiple dairies.

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A real advantage to using ParlorPro is the ability to collect information on a handheld computer while on the dairy. The information collected on the handheld is then uploaded to the database in one easy step. This eliminates countless hours of transferring information from paper to the computer along with the headaches associated with keeping track of all the paperwork. Real-time analysis is also available on the handheld; dairymen can now have their results in minutes instead of days.

Perhaps one of the biggest time savers that ParlorPro offers is the reporting options that are on the website. Once information is downloaded from the handheld into the database, reports are automatically generated. You can view the data you just collected in a format that is ready for presentation to the dairyman with no additional steps. This really is where current technology and traditional dairying have met for the betterment of the industry.

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